Restaurant Liquor Applications

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    • Restaurant Liquor Applications

      An On-Premises Licence Restaurant application allows a restaurant or cafe to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises with food.

      This type of liquor licence is generally considered low risk. In order to obtain such a liquor licence. You will need to obtain a copy of your premises development approval from council. A development approval contains important information about your premises. Such as, approved use, trading hours and patron capacity. To read more information regarding On Premises liquor licences: click here

      If your development approval has within it’s approved use, wording similar to “proposed licensed restaurant.” This will enable you to possibly obtain an Interim Restaurant Authorisation, which will allow you to sell alcohol for consumption on your premises with food, whilst your liquor licence application is being processed. To read more information regarding the Interim Restaurant Authorisation: click here

      Restaurant Primary Service Authorisation

      A restaurant or cafe can also apply for a Primary Service Authorisation to be attached to their liquor licence.

      This type of authorisation enables the licensed premises to sell alcohol with or without food, provided food is still the ‘primary purpose’ of your premises. This type of authorisation is attached to your premises liquor licence, and requires an initial Notice of Intention and Community Impact Statement, before any such application can be lodged. Food must also be provided at all times whilst alcohol is sold or consumed on the premises. To read more information regarding the Primary Service Authorisation: click here